Tuesday, 30 September 2008

John is alive and well....

....and working in Vancouver. I thought that I was done with blogging for the time being. I've started this great new job with Pacific Theatre. I'm commuting 70 clicks one way to Vancouver every day. I'm enjoying life with my wonderful spouse, Sharon. Who has time to blog?

But I miss it. I really liked cranking up the Dashboard every once in a while and hammering out a few thoughts. I'm out of the loop regarding pro-life issues right now. But I thought I would try my hand at a few political prognostications.

First, Steven Harper will be returned as prime minister with an increased minority. He will take votes away from the Liberals and the Bloc, but not in sufficient numbers to make it to majority territory. Too many numb skulls in his party have made too many mistakes; e.g., pooping Puffins, running down dead soldiers' dads, using black humour regarding tainted meat, plagiarized speeches, etc. If the political I.Q. of these people were any lower, they would have to be watered once a week.

The NDP will also take away seats from the Liberals. Stephane Dion will put on a brave front for a while and then resign. That will leave the Liberals with the choice as leader of the worst premier in recent history in Ontario, or an academic who spent 30 years outside the country and in an article referred to Americans as 'we'. Good luck to them.

Despite having a clear hatred for the private sector, and a very unsure handle on economics, Jack Layton will get a good number of protest votes and substantially increase his seats. That one trick pony called the Green Party will sink without a trace. Elizabeth May is a very nice lady and would make a great backbench MP or chair of a parent advisory council. The Bloc will retain about half of the Quebec seats, perhaps a little less than that. Duceppe will pack it in and retire.

In the U.S. the less flawed candidate (Mr. Obama) will prevail because Mr. McCain appears to have no obvious strategy for winning. While neither vice-presidential candidate should give Americans any cause for comfort, Ms. Palin is a political accident looking for somewhere to happen.

And finally, John Sutherland will be re-elected to the Abbotsford BC Board of Education.

You read it here first.